Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Wars in Concert and Fibro

I know it might sound like a weird combination, but today is the biggest day of my husband's LIFE! We have floor seats to Star Wars in concert. I talked him down to only wearing t-shirts (they're even matching... I must be a glutton for punishment) instead of dressing up like Luke and Princess Leah (I don't even know if that is how to spell her name.) ANYWAY... We even have passes to get in to see the memorabilia an hour before everyone else becasue I"m the best wife in the entire world and paid an arm and a leg for it! They gave us these nifty wrist bands a la Lance Armstrong that we get to wear all night long. He is so excited it's not even funny. When I told him that I was wearing my shirt (which by the way cost $24.95) to work today so I would be ready by 4 pm, he text me and said, do you like it? Does it fit great? Mind you, this is a men's t-shirt with Star Wars all over the front of it. How much better can it get? I text back, yes and yes.

The second half of the weird combination is that I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia last week. I am writing this during the day while I should be at work writing mid year assessments for my employees. I can't feel my feet from my medicine and I can't drive. So, you ask, G Free Gal, how are you supposed to be walking around for three hours looking at Star Junk and then sit through a concert when you can't go to work? My answer is very carefully. Hopefully my meds will kick in and the rest I'm getting now will pay off. I may not get my work done, my boss may be mad, but I will make my husband the happiest man on the face of all the Star Wars planets.

I'm learning that just because my neurons don't work right doesn't mean that I can't go and do things. I can't stop enjoying life and limit myself because of my disease. I can't my disease dictate my future. I can lead a normal life. It might be harder than it is for most people, but I can do it.

May the force be with me! Happy Star Wars to all!